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Orthokeratology – “Ortho-K”

Ortho-K correction for mild nearsightedness and astigmatism can function as a lifestyle changer, much like LASIK, without the costs or irreversible risks associated with surgery. Simply by wearing these specially fit and designed lenses while they sleep, Dr. Sagona’s Ortho-K patients then remove their lenses in the morning and go glasses and contact lens free all day long!

paragon-crtThis technology is perfect for so many patient demographics…from young athletes looking to enhance their visual performance without risk of contact lenses falling out (and they are too young for LASIK correction), to adults who love to be around lakes or pools (which are horribly contraindicated with soft contact lens wear), to those who have trouble with dry eye or irritation from traditional contacts…CRT lenses are a great solution for so many people and are super easy to transition into!

Another fascinating feature to Ortho-K is the potential ability to reduce the progression of myopia. Many children’s eyes become more and more nearsighted with each annual eye exam with the traditional approach by eye doctors being to increase the glasses or contact lens prescription. Nearsightedness progresses from a variety of factors including hereditary components, but more importantly in recent times the lack of outdoor activity (exposure to sunlight is proven to reduce myopia) and increased computer, tablet, and hand held device usage in society. Ortho-K lenses are one of the few techniques available to eye doctors today to reduce the rate of progression which translates to less visual changes and lower risks of eye complications such as cataracts and retinal disorders later in life!

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